Chris Brown, Drke, Rihanna

Chris Brown Disses Drake, Who Cares?


Chris Brown Disses Drake at Hollywood Nightclub | omg! Celeb News – Yahoo! omg!.

C’mon Chirs, nobody cares about an R&B singer trying to beef with an R&B Rapper. Yes, I am calling Drake an R&B rapper because he sings on half his songs. But the verdict isn’t out yet. We are still waiting for the final score cards of you and Rihanna’s fight. I saw the pics, she was beat down but it looked like she might have got the best of you. Not sure who would win the fight between you and Mr. Degrassi himself, but I’m sure there will be more hair pulling and smacking than closed fist punches. I know first hand, men are fighting like women these days, SMH, pulling hair and scratching.

via Chris Brown Disses Drake, Who Cares?.

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