Master Bong, Marijuana

The McGyver of Pot

Master Bong The McGyver of Pot

For the past two years, I have been researching the Marijuana movement. I became intrigued by the fact that more than half of the nation was going green. I found states, organizations, billionaires, politicians, movie stars, and athletes fighting back against the feds. I watched president Obama win a second term and then look the other way after Washington and Colorado said yes to recreational use. But none of them compares to what I have learned from the MacGyver of Pot.

If you ever find yourself without a way to take your meds or you are out of money and that handy Gatorade bottle isn’t around, check out Master Bong’s website. This guy can teach you how to smoke with a bolt and no arms. Okay, that may be stretching it a tad, but seriously check out this amazing blog about convenient ways to enjoy your meds. And be on the look out for their Gone To Pot Movie.

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