David Bronner, Marijuana News

What’s Next?

What’s Next?

Now that Washington and Colorado have gone legal, we want to know what’s next. Will Pennsylvania be the next state to move forward with legalization for medical use? Are bloggers bringing too much attention to the federal government’s stance on letting States handle small problems?

This year, follow Royal Dutchie around Pennsylvania and see what smokers and politicians have to say. Don’t worry, we even have a spot for you haters who say Senate Bill 1003 won’t receive enough votes.

David Bronner, Marijuana News

Supporters like David Bronner have gone to the extreme, chaining themselves in cages outside of the White House. Hopefully we will not have to sit on the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capital Building to make our presence felt. They say companies like Kush Groove, Toke Tees, and Royal Dutchie can’t survive. We say, “Ignore the haters, chase it like you’ve never chased it before. Dream Outrageous™ Chase Ur Dreams.

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